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The installation and utilisation of this product (hereinafter the "SOFTWARE") on your microcomputers are expressly subject to full and unreserved acceptance of this Software Utilisation Licence Agreement (hereinafter "LICENCE").

The LICENCE constitutes an agreement between you (a natural or legal person), the end user of the SOFTWARE (hereinafter the "USER") and the publisher of the SOFTWARE - Optimal Software s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as "PUBLISHER").


The PROGRAM is protected by international laws and treaties as regards intellectual property. No right of ownership is granted to the USER under the LICENCE, only a right of use is granted to the USER. By this LICENCE, the PUBLISHER grants the USER a personal, non-transferable right of use in accordance with the terms stated below:

SINGLE WORKSTATION PROGRAM. The term means a PROGRAM that may be installed and used only by a single USER on a single computer at any one time. Consequently, the PROGRAM must not be installed, displayed, shared or used concomitantly from the computer or on distinct computers.

MULTIPLE WORKSTATION PROGRAM. The term means a PROGRAM that may be installed and used by a specified number of USERS representing an equivalent number of computers. The PROGRAM must not be installed, displayed, shared or used from or on a number of computers greater than the number of workstations authorised.


CONCERNING THE PROGRAM. The PUBLISHER reserves all rights, of any kind whatsoever, not expressly granted under the LICENCE. Modifying, adapting, translating, decompiling or undertaking any inverse engineering, disassembling or attempting to find out the source code of the PROGRAM is strictly prohibited.

CONCERNING THE MULTIMEDIA FILES PROVIDED WITH THE SOFTWARE. The PUBLISHER and its licensor(s) reserve all their intellectual property rights pertaining to multimedia files that may be provided with the PROGRAM: without limitation, images, audio or video files. The use of those files is reserved for the personal use of the LICENCE holder, excluding any other use and in particular (i) for commercial use, or (ii) if the PROGRAM is not used for its intended purpose.


The PROGRAM may include a technological measure to protect it against copying in order to prevent any unauthorised reproduction. In accordance with the law, the USER must not circumvent or attempt to circumvent any protective measure against unauthorised copying.

Activating or running the PROGRAM beyond a certain period of time may require the entry of an activation key previously supplied to the USER. The USER recognises that the activation key is the PUBLISHER's exclusive property, that it is strictly confidential information and that, consequently, it must not be disclosed to third parties. The USER undertakes to implement all means available and to act in good faith in order to protect the confidentiality of the activation key.

As part of the measures for verifying the use of the activation keys, when an Internet connection is open the PROGRAM may test the validity of the key used for the PROGRAM on the site of the USER’s computer. During this test, statistical information only is sent to the PUBLISHER: no nominative information and/or any information that is not directly related to the SOFTWARE activation key is sent to the PUBLISHER or to third parties.


This product helps the user to secure the user's PC on unsecured wifi networks. Using the combination of Network scans (see Network scans section) and VPN protection the communication between the user's PC and websites is secured. By clicking Get Protected button or by utilizing automatic protection algorithms, Wifi Protector will open a secure tunnel using VPN technology to remote servers and therefore will isolate the communication between the user's PC and rest of the local wifi network.

Network scans

Wifi Protector during its operation will perform the following scans on your network.
(i) Check your wifi networks that you connected to and determine the level of security, including password strength.
(ii) Continuously perform a scan to detect list of devices connected to the current network.

Browser extension

By installing Wifi Protector browser extension you agree to its operation that checks website you browse to offer phishing protection. No browsing data is transferred out of the local machine by the browsing extension. Browser extension may also serve advertising during your browser sessions. This advertising can be switched of by following methods:
(i) Uninstall the browser extension from Control Panel by going to Add/Remove programs section. The selecting Wifi Protector Browser Extension and choosing Uninstall option.
(ii) Upgrading to the full version of Wifi Protector by going to http://www.wifiprotector.com/buy.aspx.


The LICENCE is made for an indefinite period. The LICENCE will be terminated automatically, without prior notice, in the event of breach by the USER of any one whatsoever of the provisions herein. Termination will result for the USER in the obligation to destroy all copies of the PROGRAM and associated documentation.


The PUBLISHER warrants that the physical medium carrying the PROGRAM is free from defects in materials and production for all normal uses. The warranty is valid for 90 days from delivery or from purchase of the PROGRAM. In the event of defect, the remedy offered by the PUBLISHER will, at its option, either be to replace the defective medium, or to refund the purchase price.

The PUBLISHER warrants that the PROGRAM is in accordance with its documentation but gives no express warranty as to its correct operation and in particular that the PROGRAM will satisfy performance requirements or that it will run without discontinuity or bugs. The PUBLISHER gives no other express or implicit warranty under the LICENCE.


If any one of the clauses or provisions in the LICENCE is ruled null and void or not written, the remaining provisions shall nonetheless remain valid.


The LICENCE is subject to laws of Czech Republic, excluding rules on the conflict of laws.

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