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Features Free version Full version
256-bit Wifi security Yes Yes
Privacy protection Yes Yes
Hacking alerts Yes Yes
Unlimited VPN
connection time
Yes Yes
Antivirus and antimalware Yes Yes
Choice of VPN country Yes Yes
Faster servers Yes Yes
All History Cleaner Yes Yes
Email support Yes Yes
No ads Yes Yes
Price $79 $59 / Year

Introducing Wifi Protector Antivirus!

Why pay for antivirus product when Wifi Protector offers all security features you need to be 100% protected on your PC ?
If you already pay for antivirus you can use Wifi Protector together with your existing antivirus or you can switch to Wifi Protector built in antivirus and never have to worry about paying for your antivirus again.

Wifi Protector Antivirus offers following advanced security features:

  • Full anti-malware, anti-virus and anti-spyware protection
  • Extremely fast and non-intrusive
  • Quick and deep scans
  • Automatic updates for emerging new threats
  • Protects from internet threats
  • Protects your internet privacy

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All History Cleaner - Included FREE!

  • one click interface to sweep your computer
  • protects your internet privacy by cleaning your browser history, cookies, search activity and more
  • hides track of recently edited documents, viewed videos/music etc.
  • automates the privacy protection by scheduling cleaning tasks to run every few days
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We are confident that you will like our program so we are offering you 30 days money back guarantee.

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